Hydropad Portable Wash Rack systems, above ground wash rack systems can be used washing any vehicle, heavy equipment, aircraft or machine, they collect wastewater for treatment or recycling

Hydropad Portable Wash Pad

Remote Mine Site Wash Rack System

Need to drop a wash bay in the desert and then move it to the next mine site? We have the answer.

Our Hydropads are the Number One Portable Wash Pads Worldwide

Getting in compliance with EPA rules and ever-expanding environmental laws just got easier. The Hydropad portable wash rack system allows you to quickly deploy a complete Wash/Collect/Recycle or Pre-Treatment system in a fraction of the time it takes to construct a wash rack. Our modular systems can accommodate any size equipment you need to wash. Read on for more detailed information on this ground breaking invention

Why Thousands Of Hydropads Are In Daily Use:

  • Durability!  Hydropads are more durable than concrete.
  • Safety Rail System walking surface provides a non-skid walking area.
  • Our patented side gutter equals simple and easy cleanup of water and solids.
  • Hydropads are the strongest portable wash pad in existence.
  • Optional galvanized steel side walls contain water splash. No cheap tarps or plastic walls here

How Large A Wash Bay Do You Need?

This Hydropad system is 40' wide x 56' long, add any number of modular pads to obtain any size you require. Weight ratings for Hydropads vary from 2 tons to 30 tons per vehicle axle. With tracked equipment weight ratings are even higher.


Is Washing At Night Required?

This Hydropads can be supplied with lights. This pad system has ultra high powered LED lights on each corner providing over 40,000 lumens. Just ask for them when we price out your Hydropad system.


Wash Rack In The North West Territories

The ice country is one of the toughest areas in the world to operate heavy equipment. Our Instant Wash Rack Systems make this possible without building infrastructure..


This System Has (4) Hydropads, making it 20 feet wide x 32 feet long

For customers needing a wider pad without a center gutter, this is the ticket. They are great with side walls giving you all kinds of space to work around the vehicle.

Just the ticket for:

  • Automobile detailing--car detailers can now wash anywhere with as few as one Hydropad. An 8 x 20 foot wide Hydropad portable wash pad system will handle even the largest SUV or truck.
  • Body Shops--every body shop does car detailing after the repair and paint work. The 20 foot Hydropad is the perfect portable wash pad solution.
  • Heavy equipment--our new 20 foot wide pad allows washing even the largest equipment; just set the number of pads you need down to obtain the length you need.
  • Manufacturing--before painting a quick wash on the Hydropad is usually the first step.

Need a Place To Wash Your Truck?

The Hydropad Portable Wash Rack System is the only place you can instantly wash your 250 ton dump truck without pouring concrete.

Hydropads.. No Construction, No Permits, No Delays!

50,000 lbs supported on 3 points is no problem for Hydropads. They can connect together to make almost any size portable wash pad. Don't let the weight of your equipment stop you . . . this picture shows our lightest available pads. The patented design is unique in that water and solids shed off the pad into a clean-out gutter system.
  portable wash pad, containment system

Instant Wash bay Indoors

Need A Wash Bay Inside Your Facility And Need It Now?
The Hydropad is the answer. This 20 foot wide x 40 foot long pad sets up in just a few hours. Want to relocate it? No problem.


Side Walls Keep The Wash Water Inside

Hydropad side and end wall sections assemble in just minutes with our new design.
New structural steel uprights hold the drop in wall sections securely and with the new interlocking feature water is locked in and stays on the pad.


Gutter Cleaning

The Hydropad's™ unique patented design includes a "Gutter System" that collects all wastewater containing mud, gravel, stones, grease, oil and soaps arising from the cleaning process. These are cleaned out in many ways.



Rain Cover for Hydropad Portable Wash Pads

Cover Your Hydropad With Our New Patent Pending Rain Cover It simply keeps rain water off of the Hydropad and out of your filtration system. One man can deploy or remove the cover quickly. It is firmly attached to one side of the Hydropad, and once rolled out it drops over the side gutter, completely covering the entire system. Wash rack awnings are no longer needed!


Hydropads Will Work For You No Matter How Large Your Equipment Is

The first question we are always asked is will it handle my largest equipment?
Hydropad portable wash rack systems can handle almost any equipment.  With our heaviest weight pad you can place 15,000 pounds per square foot on them.

Portable Bus Washing Pad

If you need to wash a bus you'll need an 80 foot long wash pad.
This wash pad is 20 foot wide and 80 foot long, allowing the owners to wash any size vehicle in their inventory.  Everything from snow plows to city buses are washed here.

What Could You Wash On This 80 foot Long x 20 foot Wide Portable Wash Pad?

Drive on drive off each end of this portable wash pad
This portable wash rack has a 30 ton per axle weight rating.  You can stack (3) D-10 dozers, one on top of another and still not meet the weight rating of this portable equipment wash rack.


Instant Indoor Car Wash

You can have a complete indoor vehicle wash bay installed and operational fast.  All you need is water and electricity




Truck Washing on a Portable Wash Pad

For Years Companies Have Been Forced To Wash Their Fleet Vehicles In Violation Of The Clean Water Act. Now they can purchase a fully portable wash water containment system, the Hydropad. Set up fast, and you are fully legal to wash your fleet without fear of fines. Connected together, Hydropads can provide any size wash site.


Instant Portable Wash Pad for Heavy Equipment

Renting Or Leasing A Yard? The Hydropad allows you to relocate your wash pad at anytime. They will hold up to 15,000 lbs. per square foot with no problems. Our five year structural warranty guarantees your continued use and satisfaction with Hydropad.


Washing Indoors with a Portable Wash Pad

The Hydropad Gives You An Instant Wash Site Indoors. The Hydropad allows you to set up an indoor wash rack fast. If your production floor requires changes, or if moving or installing a wastewater collection system in ground is a problem, then Hydropad is the answer.


Drive Through Wash Becomes Instant with Our Portable Wash Pads

Need An Instant Wash Bay Added To Your Maintenance Facility? The Hydropad can fit any size existing maintenance bay, providing you with an instant "Drive Through" wash bay. No permits, no construction and you can take it with you.


No Room for a Typical Wash Rack?

Hydropads Can Fit Almost Anywhere If you can't seem to find a location for a wash rack, almost any available space becomes your wash site with the Hydropad.


Bulldozer Tracks are No Problem with this Portable Wash Pad System

Hydropads Handle Track Hoes, Dozers, and Excavators. Our customers have washed every imaginable piece of heavy equipment on Hydropads and never damaged them.


Portable Wash Rack on the Shop Floor

Set Up Your Hydropad In A Work Bay In Your Shop. One of our customers did a labor analysis and found that by placing a Hydropad right in their shop, 36 man-hours per week were saved. They no longer have to take machines and parts back and forth to and from the steam bay.



Car Dealers Can Now Wash Anywhere on Portable Wash Pads

The Hydropad Has Saved Many Car Dealers From Heavy Fines. Washing car inventories out on the lot is a thing of the past. The EPA and local agencies are cracking down on wash water entering the storm drain at car lots. The vast majority of used car dealers are renting/leasing lot space and in many cases landlords are not happy to have a wash bay on their property. Why add values to property you don't own?


Truck Dealers and Rental Yards Benefit from Portable Wash Pads

Truck Dealers Are Washing On Our Portable Wash Pads. You can't wash and let the water hit the ground any longer. The Hydropad is a quick solution for truck washing out on the lot.


Instant Portable Wash Site Indoors

Have A Service Bay And No Drains? For renters the Hydropad gives you an "instant wash bay" indoors without improving the landlord's property. Moving? Take it with you. No construction, no permits needed, no property tax increases, all because it is equipment.


Fully Enclosed Portable Indoor Wash Bay

Installs Fast And Can Be Moved At Anytime. This one is 25 wide x 40 feet long and has 4 foot high side walls. The customer simply hung tarps from the ceiling down to just inside the Hydropad side walls. All water drains right into the Hydropad system just like taking a shower in a bath tub. Simple, cost effective and fast. . .that's the Hydropad!


A Portable Wash Pad that Keeps the Water in.

Indoors Or Out The Hydropad Will Keep The Wash Water Contained. When you need to keep the water from blowing off, the Hydropad is the answer.


Where Can You Use this Great Portable Wash Rack?

How To Get Started:
First: decide on the size of wash pad you need.
Second: determine the weight of the equipment to be washed and pick your Hydropad weight rating.
Third, if you need to contain the mist and water splash add splash panels (side walls).
There you have it, you're ready to order some Hydropads.


Golf Cart Washing on a Portable Wash Pad

You Could Be Washing In Only Hours. Our Hydropad golf course system allows you to recycle wastewater collected on a portable wash pad system. Set it up and be washing fast!