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Hydrokleen Wastewater Recycling & Pre-Treatment Systems

Hydrokleen Treatment Systems

Solids Separation CFS3
1-3 gpm, 3-stage, 20 micron nominal
  CMAFU 1-9 gpm, continuous media filter, 5 micron nominal
  SST 1-50 gpm, solids settling tanks
Oil Removal OCS
1-12 gpm, oil coalescing and skimming
  HE/S1 1-12 gpm, oil coalescing/skimming, solids removal
  HE/S1-H 1-12 gpm, oil coalescing/skimming w/ media filter
Oil/Organics Bioreactors 1-50 gpm, moving bed bioreactors
Bio/Mecanical HE/3000
1-12 gpm, single multi-media polishing loop
  HE/5000 1-12 gpm, oil coalescing/skimming w/ media filter
  HE/7000 1-12 gpm, oil coalescing/skimming, 2- media filters
  HE/8000 1-25 gpm, oil coalescing skimming, 2- media filters
  SPL & DPL 1-50 gpm, single and dual multi-media polishing

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Hydro Engineering's Water Filtration and Recycling Systems Work
Bill Kleman
Scott Machinery

"We've Been Recycling Over 3 Years!"
Bob Bryant, Maintenance Manager,
G.I. Apparel

Hydrokleen Filtration Works!
Dave Drake, Service Manager
Bobcat Of New Hampshire

How Well My Hydro Engineering Equipment Performs
Cliff Reed
PA Cleaning Systems

Car/Truck Wash Reclaim Systems

High Flow Wastewater Filtration And Recycling Returns water back to the carwash system at the high flow rates required by this type of equipment


Solids/Liquid Separation and Filtration

Wastewater Filtration Without Cartridge Filters!
CFS3 Manual filter to 20 microns nominal
CMAFU-2 Continuous Media Automatic Filtration Unit to 1 micron nominal


Oil/Water Separators

OCS Above Ground stand alone oil/water separators
HE/S1 Above Ground oil/water separator
HE/S1-H Above Ground oil/water separator with Hydrosorb, emulsified oil removal
  oil water seperators, water recyclers, water filtration


Multi-Media Filtration Units

Stand-Alone Multi-Media Single and Dual Polishing Loop Systems

SPL & DPL Single and Dual Multi-Media systems using in-ground process tanks


Multi-Stage Filters

HE/300)Single polishing loop, using one filter media
HE/5000 Oil/water separator, single polishing loop, using one filter media
HE/7000 Oil/water separator, dual polishing loop using two different filter medias
HE/8000 25 GPM Oil/water separator, dual polishing loop using two different filter medias

New Hydrokleen Automatic Control System


Automatic Control Systems Are Now Available on Most Hydrokleen and Extreme Clean Units




Hydrokleen Solids/Liquid Separation

When using Hydropad portable wash rack systems where in-ground water storage is minimized, our SST is the answer.  Why put the water storage below ground and settle out solids there?  The SST is self cleaning.
SST Solids Settling Tank


Bioreactors can accomplish tasks that mechanical filtration cannot. Organic chemicals will pass right through any mechanical filtration system, although particulate matter can be removed.  With a Bioreactor we can break down and consume hydrocarbons and organic chemicals found in many waste streams. Our Bio-Mechanical approach allows our systems to do what the others cannot.


Build a System from Only the Parts You Need

Our Reclaim / Recycling Or Pretreatment Systems Are Expandable High Flow oil/water separator, bacterial odor control, coalescing, skimming, hydrocarbon, heavy metals and light fuels removal in dual polishing loops.


Car/Truck Wash Reclaim Systems

High Flow Wastewater Filtration And Recycling Returns water back to the carwash system at the high flow rates required by this type of equipment

  car wash water filtration and recycling

pH Monitoring and Dosing Systems


By using a pH monitor, you can determine the exact pH levels of solutions. For example, rather than say that lemon juice is quite acidic, you can say that lemon juice has a pH of 2.4. An exact pH value can be used to control and/or measure acidity or alkalinity levels in your Hydrokleen water filtration and recycling equipment. The pH monitor can automatically dose counteracting chemical(s) into the wastewater to make a change in the pH.

pH Monitor Specifications


Sump Cleaning Made Easy


Our Sump Sucker And Sludge Cart Can Be Used With Hydropads
With these two inexpensive items you can now clean your own sumps. That's right--no more calling the pumper truck and paying high hauling fees. If your wastewater treatment system is using our Hydro-Biodigesters, chances are the sludge you remove is land fill acceptable. Our Biodigesters eat the oils, grease and hydrocarbons from the sludge. Disposal becomes cheap and most customers can put it straight into their dumpster. Check your local regulations first.

Unique In-Ground Sump w/Separator


This 3 x 3 x 4' deep all-steel sump has a unique solids separation basket.
Rocks collected in the basket are easily dumped out by tilting the hinged basket 90 degrees.  It's all welded steel construction with epoxy coating to insure durability beyond what pre-cast, plastic or fiberglass sumps offer.


How We Filter Wastewater

Hydrokleen filtration systems employ state-of-the-art, application proven materials of construction and manufacturing techniques to exceed requirements for performance, durability and corrosion prevention. Hydro Engineering, Inc. product quality and design experience ensures customers the most reliable and cost effective solutions available. Touch on this link for a PDF file giving you a quick overview of how we filter wastewater for discharge to sanitary sewer or recycling systems



Wastewater Recycling Safely

Many competitive systems do not provide recycled water safe for reuse. Check out the important information at the link below.


Water Test Results That Prove Our Systems Work

Check out these water test results that show actual before and after numbers, proving that Hydrokleen wastewater systems get the job done.