Carwash Reclaim systems for recycling wash water from car, truck, bus and all types of vehicle washing

Car, Truck And Bus Washing Reclaim Systems

Hydro Engineering reclaim systems are capable of recycling 100% of all wash water that can be captured!

Customer Comments

100% Reclaim w/No Sewer
Bob Fuhr's Eight Bay Hand Held Car Wash
We're Saving 65-70% of Our Automatic Truck Wash Water
Bob Erwin, Fleet Manager, General Distributing
I Love Biodigesters!
James Jaffa
Century 21 Carwash Jacksonville, FL
Computer Controls Car Dealership

Alaska Sales & Service, Wasilla, AK

Our Approach Is Different

Ours is not a cookie-cutter approach to carwash wastewater recycling. With Hydro Engineering Inc. you purchase only what you need. Each component of our systems can be integrated into a custom-designed system just for you.

Our unique Bio/Mechanical Filtration Systems perform functions that no other individual system can. Ours will remove; oils, grease, fuels, all types of hydrocarbons, waxes, soaps and other organic chemistries, sand, silt, BOD, COD, TSS and even dissolved solids. Meet the requirements of water recycling with the only filtration/recycling system that insures 100% non-interference with car wash operations.


Our Reclaim Systems Can Be Retrofitted Into Existing Carwashes Easily

All carwashes have collection pits and oil/water separators in place. The Extreme Clean will make use of the existing system without extensive changes. Only sump transfer pumps are added. With these pumps in place, installation takes less than one day. Plans for your installation are furnished at no cost with your order.

Here are some examples.

In Bay Automatic
5-Bay Hand Held
Typical (1) Hand Held (1) Automatic
Typical (4) Hand Held (2) Automatic
Typical Tunnel Wash


Car Wash Reclaim Equipment


About Hydro-Biodigesters



The process starts in your Oil Water Separator

This is the first of two compartments in an oil water separator. As you can see there is a great deal of trapped oil. The resultant odors are what drove the customer to call us. After introducing Hydro-Biodigesters (HBD-O) within one week the smell had gone and after two weeks the oil was gone as well


Quality in Manufacturing


Hydrokleen filtration systems employ state-of-the-art, application proven materials of construction and manufacturing techniques to exceed requirements for performance, durability and corrosion prevention. Hydro Engineering, Inc. product quality and design experience ensures customers the most reliable and cost effective solutions available. 

All Hydrokleen products are certified to UL, CE and CSA Standards



Add Only the Components You Need



Our Car Wash Reclaim Systems are Modular

Buy only the components you need to accomplish the job your carwash requires.  We are one of the few reclaim companies that will tackle wastewater from self-service carwashes.  Why? We established our roots in reclaiming water from hand-held washing, cleaning everything from bulldozers to aircraft.



pH Monitoring and Dosing Systems



By using a pH monitor, you can determine the exact pH levels of solutions.

For example, rather than say that lemon juice is quite acidic, you can say that lemon juice has a pH of 2.4. An exact pH value can be used to control and/or measure acidity or alkalinity levels in your Hydrokleen water filtration and recycling equipment. The pH monitor can automatically dose counteracting chemical(s) into the wastewater to make a change in the pH.

pH Monitor Specifications




Truck Wash Saves Thousands by Recycling Wastewater


The Wash Rack

A commercial truck wash in Salt Lake City, had a bimonthly sewer and water bill of $2750. After installing the Extreme Clean system their water and sewer bill dropped to $1270.     
That's a $740 savings each month.

What could you do with $8,880.00 or more in bottom line profits, every year?

Due to the lower contamination rates in his discharged wastewater the sewer department is currently re-rating his account. This will drop his cost from $3.26 per 1,000 to 75 cents, saving The Wash Rack another $791.00 on each bill.

That's another $4,746.00 per year bringing his total savings up to $13,626.00

Truck Wash Water Analysis




Wastewater Recycling Safely


Many competitive systems do not provide recycled water safe for reuse, Pathogens present in the water make exposure to recycled water unhealthy and even dangerous.


See Our New Instant Car Wash System


That's right, a portable wash bay just like a self serve car wash. 

This Car Wash bay is delivered and set up the same day.

Instant Car Wash Equipment Brochure

Watch This Video And See The Instant Car Wash In Action


Automatic "In Bay" Instant Carwash


This package could solve all of your implementation issues. 

This is an In Bay carwash installed on our patented Hydropad portable wash rack system.  For those who don't want to spend time and money on; design, permits, construction and all of the associated headaches this is the answer.


Watch This Video Of An Automatic Car Wash On Our Portable Wash Pads


Hydro Engineering Inc. has developed a new car wash reclaim system that recycles 100 percent of all collected wash water.

The only fresh water required in the wash application is the final, clear-water rinse.
The spot-free final rinse removes all evidence of recycled water from the vehicle. The Hydrokleen car wash reclaim system combines both biological filtration and mechanical filtration, which provides superior water quality while reducing maintenance requirements. It does not require large, in-ground water storage tanks to operate. Furthermore, when designed into a new facility, the elimination of ground pits can be a substantial money-saving opportunity