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Tactical and Stationary Corrosion Control Equipment

The Hydrosite tactical corrosion control facility

  • Drop in place, connect and start washing
  • Set up in just hours, not days or months
  • No site work required, just a hard surface
  • Decontamination of vehicles and troops
  • Hydropad portable wash containment makes wastewater collection and treatment possible in any location
  • Recycle wastewater or pre-treat to sanitary sewer
  • Can operate from a fixed power source or genset
  • Saves water, labor and chemicals (soap)


See our Hydropads in action: Hydropad being used (Movie)


Corrosion Control - Portable Wash Pads

Hydropad portable collection and containment

Hydropads are modular units that connect together to form any size wash pad required. They come in 8 feet long x 8, 10, 12 and 14 feet wide. This patent pending system works like the roof on your home--the pad itself drains to one side where a gutter collects the water and debris. A pump located in the gutter sends water to the Hydrokleen filtration equipment.

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The Hydrosite tactical corrosion control facility

Hydrosite Integrated Washing Systems are self-contained tactical decontamination systems for military ground support vehicles, aircraft and other heavy equipment. Hydrosite Integrated Systems include all equipment, components, support subsystems, and controls to perform effective wash/rinse decontamination and provide wash wastewater management. These systems are designed, manufactured and supplied to optimize the equipment decontamination process at base operations or during deployment situations.

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Corrosion Control Wash Pad Access

Hydropad Ramps

Optional ramps can be provided with the Hydropad to eliminate excavation and allow the equipment to be pulled on/off the wash pad system quickly and safely.

Corrosion Control Facility, Enclosure

The Hydrosite houses all equipment

Conflicts with sub-contractors don't exist with the Hydrosite equipment enclosure. Every item within the enclosure is factory-installed at Hydro Engineering Inc. The enclosure and all ancillary equipment are warranteed as one unit with one vendor supplying it. The complete system is fully factory-tested before shipment. Factory installation and/or training on site is available.


Corrosion Control Facility, Interior


Hydrosite meets all code requirements

All national codes for electrical and plumbing are strictly followed during the design and installation phases at the factory.

The Hydrosite is fully insulated, HVAC climate controlled, lighted, ventilated, pre-plumbed, pre-wired and fully leak-tested before equipment is installed.

Corrosion Control - Portable REM

Remote Equipment Module (REM)

The REM allows the operator to remotely control operation of the washing equipment within the Hydrosite. Contained on wheel-mounted REMs is a complete foaming system with chemical tank and hose reel. Also supplied with the REM is a high-pressure hose reel to accommodate the high-pressure washing hose, gun and wand. Connections from the REM and Hydrosite are made through an outside connection hub with quick connect fittings.

Corrosion Control / Decontaminaton - Heavy Vehicle Inspection Ramps

The Hydrosite Can Be Used With A Fixed Wash Pad

In locations where a concrete pad is preferable the Hydrosite can be easily adapted. Simple connections from the wash pad collection system to the Hydrosite are readied and the system installed, usually in one day

Corrosion Control - Concrete Pad

The Hydrosite Can Be Used With A Fixed Wash Pad

In locations where a concrete pad is preferable the Hydrosite can be easily adapted. Simple connections from the wash pad collection system to the Hydrosite are readied and the system installed, usually in one day.

Corrosion Control - Hanger Modification

Hydro Engineering has supplied many civil and military hanger modifications. One or more Hydroblaster high-pressure washers with corresponding remote equipment modules (REM) can be utilized in a hanger modification for corrosion control. REMs are strategically located within the hanger for easy access to aircraft during washing operations. Hydroblasters are located in a remote equipment room or Hydrosite, keeping them out of the hanger. The REM fully controls its Hydroblaster.

Remote Equipment Module (REM)

Fixed Base or Portable Mounted REM. REM units can be supplied for a fixed location as shown on (right) or portable as shown on (left). Both types of REM provide- remote control of the Hydroblaster, hot high-pressure water from the Hydroblaster, foaming chemical application (portable REM includes chemical tank) and hose reels for high-pressure water and foam. Wand holders are included.

Remote Equipment Module Spec.

Corrosion Control - Washing Units

Seven Hydroblasters Servicing One Hanger

These Hydroblasters are located on a mezzanine hundreds of feet from the hanger washing operations. Washing Boeing 747 aircraft historically used up to one million gallons of water. With the Hydroblaster Hanger Mod System water usage drops to only fifty thousand gallons, a 95% savings. With high pressure hot water available at each remote equipment location (REM), labor is cut by 70%. With the Hydrofoamers located at each REM, chemical usage drops by 50%. Recycled water is used in this application to further reduce water usage.

Corrosion Control Wastewater Treatment

Hydrokleen Wastewater Treatment

All wastewater within the hanger is collected and sent to this Hydrokleen system for filtration and recycling back to the Hydroblasters. Hydrokleen pre-treatment systems for discharge to sanitary sewer are also available.

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Turbine Engine Washing Wastewater Treatment

HE/7000 Wastewater Recycling and Pre-Treatment System

Our HE/7000 Hydrokleen wastewater treatment system has been proven to eliminate harmful hydrocarbons (oil, grease and fuels) and heavy metals in wastewater from turbine engine cleaning applications.

Turbine engine cleaning using our Turbine Engine Washing System (TEWS) or any other turbine engine cleaning unit can now be done while maintaining P.O.T.W. or F.O.T.W. compliance.

Need a wash site? Look at our Hydropad-portable wash pad system.

Corrosion Contol Vehicle Wash Sites

When The Military Needs A Wash Site, Hydro Engineering Is The First Call They Make.

Designed, engineered and installed by a single vendor. When you need a complete wash pad system fast...we get the job done. Done right and on time!

Demucking Systems For Heavy Mud and Dirt Removal

If You Have Off-Road Equipment With Dirt and Mud, This System is for you!

Check Out The Hydroblaster Single and Dual Demucking Systems

Press Releases

Hydro Engineering's Hydropad Portable Wash Bay Is Now Available In Any Size.

Creating a portable wash bay just became a whole lot easier with Hydro Engineering's brand new redesigned Hydropad.

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Introducing the All New TEWS-D for Helicopter and Aircraft Maintenance.

Hydro Engineering Inc. offers a wide variety of options for washing the outside of vehicles and equipment. Now, the inside of turbine engines can be cleaned too; the TEWS brand of engine washers will make any aircraft turbine washing a breeze.

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Hydro Engineering Inc. Updates Screen Printing Reclaim Product Line.

Screen reclaiming is a difficult and dirty job. Hydro Engineering Inc. simplifies reclaiming with process improvements and new equipment designs to make screen printing safe and environmentally acceptable.

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Utah's Parks and Recreation is aggressively going after Aquatic Invasive Species Decontamination.

Beginning in 2007 Hydro Engineering Inc. started working with the Utah Department of Natural Resources (parks and recreation) and has provided over 50 mobile, trailer mounted Hydroblaster specifically designed for Aquatic Invasive Species decontamination.

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Car Wash Water Recycling Responsibility in the California Drought with Hydro Engineering Inc.

Historically, car wash operations have consisted of soaking, washing, and rinsing with little concern of where that dirty water goes. Ideally with drought-like situations, the water should be constantly recycled in order to eliminate unnecessary consumption; now, Hydro Engineering Inc's new solution is that dirty water can be reverted back to clean water and stay in the system, saving both resources and money in this recent California drought.

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Hydropad Systems For Heavy Equipment Maintenance & Landscaping Maintenance

The innovative Hydropad Wash Rack System is utilized to capture and recycle 100% of wastewater. Now, Hydro Engineering Inc. has developed ways in which to efficiently capture and dispose of dirt and debris that come from heavy equipment and landscaping maintenance.

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Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) awards Hydro Engineering Inc. a best suppliers award.

Hydro Engineering Inc was 1 of 179 companies out of over 6000 to achieve the exemplary level of contract performance supplying quality products to our men and women in our armed forces.

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Hydro Engineering Inc. Portable Wash Rack and Waste Water Treatment System Helps Outback Mine Site Meet Environmental and Safety Requirements

Cliff's Natural Resources PTY LTD and Hydro Engineering Inc. have completed the installation of a completely portable and environmentally friendly Hydropad wash rack, which recycles and completes waste water treatment.

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Hydro Engineering Inc. Helps A Remote Mine Site Stay In Environmental Compliance With The Installation Of A Hydropad Turn Key Wash Rack.

The American Bonanza Mine and Hydro Engineering Inc. have completed the installation of a completely portable and environmentally friendly Hydropad wash rack which recycles and reuses the wash water.

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Hydro Engineering Inc. Selected by Boeing to Supply an Environmentally Friendly Aircraft Wash System in Support of the Italian Air Force

Hydro Engineering delivers and commissions its green wash rack as part of Boeings KC-767 aircraft refuelers program supplied to the Italian Air Force. This completely portable wash rack also collects and recycles the water from the aircraft washing process.

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Major Changes are Coming to Storm Water Prevention Plan Permits and Hydro Engineering Inc Hydropads Can Help Solve Two of Those Requirements

Major changes to storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP), are on the way. Hydropads from Hydro Engineering Inc can solve your chemical containment requirements and your cleaning operations requirements.

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